English Sentence:

It's always wise to play safe.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



bu2 pa4 yi1 wan4, zhi3 pa4 wan4 yi1.

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Words used:

不怕   不怕

bú pà

fearless, not worried

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1. one, 1 2. as soon as 3. single, alone 4. each, every 5. same, identical

Here: one, 1

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1. ten thousand 2. Wan (Chinese surname) 3. a great number

Here: ten thousand, 10.000

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1. only 2. (a measure word for small items)

Here: only

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to be scared of, to fear

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萬一   万一

wàn yī

if by any chance, just in case

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