English Sentence:

That man called himself "Living Buddha".

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



na4 ming2 nan2 zi3 zi4 cheng1 shi4 huo2 fo2.

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Words used:


1. that 2. then, in that case 3. there 4. it 5. which

Here: that, it, those, which

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1. name 2. famous 3. (a measure word for people)

Here: (a measure word for people)

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男子   男子

nán zǐ

man, chap, fellow

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自稱   自称

zì chēng

1. to call oneself, to claim oneself to be, to profess 2. self-professed

Here: to call oneself, to claim oneself to be

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1. yes 2. to be (is, are, am, was, were) 3. (formal) that

Here: to be (is, are, am, was, were)

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活佛   活佛

huó fó

Living Buddha

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