English Sentence:

We are moving back to New York.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



wo3 men5 yao4 ban1 hui2 niu3 yue1.

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Words used:

我們   我们

wǒ men

1. we 2. our 3. us

Here: we

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1. to want, would like to 2. have to, must 3. important, vital 4. to ask for, to request 5. will, be going to (future tense)

Here: will

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to move (house, objects)

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1. to return, to go back 2. to answer 3. Hui people (Muslim ethnic group in China) 4. number of times 5. section, chapter 6. (a measure word for acts of a play, section or chapter of a classic book)

Here: to go back

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紐約   纽约

niǔ yuē

New York

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