English Sentence:

The government plans greater freedom for teachers over the curriculum.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



zheng4 fu3 ji4 hua4 jiang1 gei3 lao3 shi1 geng4 duo1 shou4 ke4 zi4 you2.

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Words used:

政府   政府

zhèng fǔ


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計畫   计画

jì huà

1. to plan 2. a plan

Here: to plan

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1. will, shall 2. to use, to take, to get 3. (a particle which marks the following noun as a direct object)

Here: will, shall

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1. to give 2. for, for the benefit of 3. to let, to allow

Here: to give

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老師   老师

lǎo shī


Here: teachers

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更多   更多

gèng duō


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授課   授课

shòu kè

to give lessons

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自由   自由

zì yóu

1. freedom, liberty 2. free, liberal

Here: freedom, liberty

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