English Sentence:

They shared a bowl of soup together.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



ta1 men5 tong2 he1 yi4 wan3 tang1.

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Words used:

他們   他们

tā men

1. they 2. them 3. their

Here: they

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1. same 2. alike, similar 3. together, with each other 4. and, as well as 5. (used to show comparison)

Here: together

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to drink

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1. one, 1 (4th tone, used in Taiwan) 2. as soon as 3. each, every 4. single, alone 5. whole, entire, all, throughout 6. (indicating the intention to try)

Here: one, 1 (4th tone, used in Taiwan)

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1. a bowl (for holding food) 2. (a measure word for rice, noodles, soup)

Here: a bowl (for holding food)

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1. soup 2. Tang (Chinese surname) 3. hot or boiling water 4. broth, stock 5. decoction of medicinal herbs 6. hot spring

Here: soup

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