English Sentence:

She thinks that this hat is a little expensive.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



ta1 jue2 de5 zhe4 ding3 mao4 zi5 gui4 le5 yi4 dian3.

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Words used:


1. she 2. her

Here: she

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覺得   觉得

jué de

1. to feel 2. to think

Here: to feel, to think

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1. this 2. these 3. such

Here: this, these

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1. (a measure word for hats) 2. top, peak 3. to carry on the head, to push to the top

Here: (a measure word for hats)

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帽子   帽子

mào zi

hat, headgear

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1. expensive, costly 2. noble, precious 3. your (polite)

Here: expensive, costly

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1. (particle signifying the change of situation) 2. (completed action marker) 3. (a filler word without any meaning)

Here: (particle which indicates a past tense)

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一點   一点

yì diǎn

Mainland Pronunciation:

yī diǎn

1. a little bit 2. one o'clock

Here: a little bit

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