English Sentence:

She has dyed her hair blonde.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



ta1 ba3 tou2 fa3 ran3 cheng2 jin1 se4.

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Words used:


1. she 2. her

Here: she

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1. (a particle which marks the following noun as a direct object) 2. to grasp, to take hold of 3. a bundle, a handful 4. (a measure word for objects with a handle, for small objects: handful) 5. handle

Here: (a particle which marks the following noun as a direct object)

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頭髮   头发

tóu fǎ

hair (of the head)

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1. to catch (disease) 2. to dye 3. to acquire (bad habits) 4. to contaminate 5. to add color washes to a painting

Here: to dye (e.g. hair)

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1. to succeed, to accomplish 2. to become, to turn into 3. one tenth 4. completed 5. to finish, to complete 6. to be alright 7. OK! 8. (Chinese surname Cheng)

Here: to become, to turn into

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金色   金色

jīn sè

1. blonde, golden 2. gold colour

Here: blonde, golden

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