English Sentence:

Do you want to go to the park? Maybe we will see a few squirrels again.

Swedish Translation:

Vill du gå till parken? Vi kanske får se några ekorrar igen.

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Words used:


1. to want 2. to like

Here: to want

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you (subjective form)

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gå till

1. to go to 2. to happen, to come about 3. to be done

Here: to go to

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en park   (SD: parken, PI: parker, PD: parkerna)

a park

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maybe, perhaps

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1. to get 2. to be allowed 3. to receive 4. few 5. to have got to 6. to make sb do sth

Here: to get

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1. to see, to watch 2. to look

Here: to see, to watch

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1. a few, some 2. any

Here: a few, some

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en ekorre   (SD: ekorren, PI: ekorrar, PD: ekorrarna)


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