Grammar Lesson 19:

Greetings, Wishes and Common Expressions

Grattis på födelsedagen/Har den äran - Happy birthday/(I) Have the honour (of wishing you a happy birthday/celebrating you)
God jul - Merry Christmas
Glad midsommar - Happy Midsummer
Gott nytt år - Happy New Year
Glad påsk - Happy Easter
Krya på dig - Get well (after accident, disease, illness etc)
Ha det bra - Be well (very common as a way of saying "bye". literally "Have it good")
Vi hörs/snart/ - We'll hear from each other /soon/
Vi ses/imorgon/ - We'll see each other /tomorrow/
Lycka till - Good luck
Jag håller tummarna - I'll cross my fingers (literally "I hold my thumbs"), said to show support and wishing someone good luck at the same time
Kom igen - Very urging,"come on"
Håll i dig/er - Hold on (to something, this will go fast)
Det räcker /så/- It's enough /like that/
Hur är läget? - What's up / How are things going? (Literally, what is the situation?)
Det /här/ klarar du - You can do it (Literally: "this you will be able to")
Vad tror du /om det här/? - What do you think /about this/?
Vad tänker du om detta? - What are your thoughts about this?
Följ med oss! - Come with us!
Jag tror på dig - I believe in you
Kan vi träffas någon dag /och prata om det här/? - Can we meet some day /and talk about this/?
Jag ringer dig - I'll call you
Visste du att - Did you know that
Jag håller med - I agree
Jag håller inte med - I don't agree
Gärna! - I'd love to!

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