Jack and the bartender

Una noche Jack entró en un bar con aspecto triste.

One night Jack walked into a pub, looking very sad.
Barman: ¿Qué quieres beber hoy?

Bartender: What would you like to drink today?
Jack: Una cerveza.

Jack: A bottle of beer.
Barman: ¿Qué te pasa? ¿Por qué estás tan triste hoy?

Bartender: What's wrong? Why are you so sad today?
Jack: Me peleé con mi mujer y me dijo que no me hablaría durante un mes.

Jack: I got into a fight with my wife, and she said she wouldn't talk to me for a month.
Barman: Genial, ¿no?

Bartender: That's great, isn't it?
Jack: ¡Sí!¡Pero hoy es el último día del mes!

Jack: Yeah! But today is the last day of the month!

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