Two Englishmen

Dos ingleses jugando al golf.

Two Englishmen are playing golf.
Como si un cortejo fúnebre estuviera pasando, uno de los ingleses se quita el sombrero y permanece inmóvil unos segundos.

As a funeral procession passes by, one of the Englishmen takes off his hat and remains motionless for a few seconds.
"Eso ha sido un bonito gesto por tu parte", le dice el otro.

"That was a nice gesture from you," says the other one.
"¿Qué quieres decir con bonito gesto?", le responde con gesto pensativo, "¡En unos días llevaríamos casados 25 años!"

"What do you mean with nice gesture," he answers thoughtfully, "in a few days we would have been married for 25 years!"

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