English Sentence:

I've been waiting for the delivery of the new furniture the whole morning.

Spanish Translation:

Llevo toda la mañana esperando a que traigan los muebles nuevos.

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Words used:


1. to wear 2. to take 3. to give a lift 4. to occupy (time) 5. to bring 6. to have (as a component, part or ingredient)

Here: to occupy (time)

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todo   (Pl: todos, Fem: toda, Pl Fem: todas)

1. everything 2. all 3. everyone 4. every

Here: all

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1. the (feminine singular) 2. it 3. you 4. her

Here: the (feminine singular)

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la mañana   (Pl: mañanas)


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1. to wait 2. to hope 3. to expect

Here: to wait

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to, with, by

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1. that 2. what 3. which 4. than 5. who

Here: that

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to bring

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1. the (masculine plural) 2. you 3. them

Here: the (masculine plural)

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el mueble   (Pl: muebles)


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nuevo   (Pl: nuevos, Fem: nueva, Pl Fem: nuevas)


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