Jo: 안녕 Keith. 진짜 오랜만이다.

Jo: Hi Keith. I haven't seen you for a long time.
Keith: 응, 3, 4개월 됐지.

Keith: Yes, it's been 3 or 4 months.
Jo: 그런데 너 살이 좀 찐 거 같애.

Jo: I see you've put on a little bit of weight!
Keith: 꼭 집어 말해줘서 고맙다!

Keith: Thanks for pointing that out!
Jo: 천만에. 친구사이에.

Jo: No problem. What are friends for?
Keith: 하하, 그래. 넌 유머 감각이 좋아.

Keith: Haha, yes. I like your humour.
Jo: 나랑 같이 조깅 하자.

Jo: You should come jogging with me.
Keith: 그건 너무 귀찮아. 대신 다이어트약 먹으려고.

Keith: I'm too lazy for that. I was thinking I would buy some diet pills instead.
Jo: 아, 그거 먹지마. 네 몸에 진짜 안 좋을 수 있어.

Jo: Oh, don't do that. They can be really bad for your body.
Keith: 정말? 그럼 운동하고 덜 먹어야 하는 수 밖에 없네.

Keith: Really? I guess I'll have to do some exercise and eat less!

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