The second baby

Susan: 나 방금 내 사촌 동생이랑 통화했는데 걔 또 임신했대!

Susan: I just talked to my cousin, she is pregnant again!
Jack: 진짜? 작년에 아기 낳았잖아, 아니야?

Jack: Really? She had a baby last year, no?
Susan: 응, 이번엔 인공 수정이 아니야.

Susan: Yes, but this time it's not by artificial insemination.
Jack: 와, 기적이다.

Jack: Oh, it's a miracle.
Susan: 응, 내 사촌 동생도 깜짝 놀랐대. 걔 중국인 의사가 맥박을 보고 임신 했다는 걸 알았대.

Susan: Yes, she was very surprised. Her Chinese doctor could tell she was pregnant by feeling her pulse.
Jack: 그게 가능해?

Jack: That's possible?
Susan: 응. 서양 사람들한테는 이상하게 보이겠지만 아시아 전통 의학에서는 맥박을 보고 환자를 진단하는 게 흔해.

Susan: Yes. For Western people it seems strange, but in Asian traditional medicine feeling the pulse to diagnose a patient is common.
Jack: 되게 신기하다.

Jack: That is very interesting.
Susan: 응. 더 알고 싶으면 위키피디아에 이것에 대한 항목이 있어.

Susan: Yes it is. If you want to learn more there is an entry about this on Wikipedia.
Jack: 응, 한번 들어가 볼게.

Jack: OK, I'll do that.

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