The dreamer

남편: 여보, 좀 피곤해 보인다!

Husband: Darling, you look a bit tired!
아내: 글쎄, 누가 어제밤에 소리를 지르면서 나를 깨웠잖아.

Wife: Well, somebody woke me up last night by shouting loud.
남편: 아 미안해. 나 꿈꾸고 있었어.

Husband: Oh I'm sorry. I was dreaming.
아내: 어떤 꿈이었는데?

Wife: About what?
남편: 내 동생이 나를 놀리는 꿈. 걔가 날 너무 짜증나게 하니까 화가 나서 소리를 질렀지.

Husband: My brother was teasing me. He drove me nuts and then I lost my temper and shouted at him.
아내: 당신은 이상한 꿈을 꾸네. 몇달 전에는 한밤중에 침대에서 나 걷어찼잖아.

Wife: You have strange dreams. A few months ago you kicked at me in bed in the middle of the night.
남편: 기억력도 좋다!

Husband: You have a good memory!
아내: 그것도 당신 동생 발로 찬 거야?

Wife: Were you kicking your brother?
남편: 아니 그건 내가 골을 넣는 꿈이었어!

Husband: No, I was dreaming that I was scoring a goal!
아내: 세상에, 우리 남편은 자기가 데이비드 베컴인 줄 아나 봐.

Wife: Oh dear, my husband thinks he is David Beckham!

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