The thrombosis

"Melanie 잘 만나고 왔어?"

"How did your meeting go with Melanie?"
"어, 다시 봐서 너무 좋았어."

"Oh, it was nice seeing her again."
"Melanie 어때?"

"How is she?"
"들어 보니까 혈전증이 있었대."

"Apparently she has had a thrombosis."
"정말? 심각하게 들리는데!"

"Really? Sounds serious!"
"응, 생명을 위협할 수도 있대!"

"Yes, it can be life-threatening!"
"나는 증상도 몰랐을텐데."

"I wouldn't even know the symptoms."
"Melanie도 증상을 몰랐대, 그런데 우연히 그거에 대한 기사를 읽었대."

"She didn't know the symptoms either, but coincidentally she was just reading an article about it."
"운이 좋았네!"

"How lucky!"
"그러니까, 그게 걔 생명을 살린 걸 수도 있어!"

"Yes, maybe that saved her life!"
"증상이 뭔데?"

"So what are the symptoms?"
"종아리가 아프고 가끔은 부을 수도 있대."

"Pain in the calf. Sometimes it can swell up."

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