A great holiday

"안녕, 잘 지내? 시카고에서 돌아왔어?"

"an nyung, jal ji ne shi ka go e suh do ra wat suh?"

"Hey, how are you? Back from Chicago?"
"응, 너무 좋았어."

"eung, nuh moo jo at suh."

"Yes! It was great."
"진짜? 뭐 했어?"

"jin cha? mwu het suh?"

"Really? What did you do?"
"무료 동물원에 갔어."

"moo ryo dong mool wun e gat suh."

"We went to a free zoo."

"jo at get da!"

"공원도 많고 해변도 있었어."

"gong wun do man ko he byun do it sut suh."

"There are also plenty of parks and beaches."

"soo yung het suh?"

"Did you go swimming?"
"아니, 너무 추웠어!"

"a ni, nuh moo choo wut suh!"

"No, too cold!"
"하하. 그래!"

"ha ha. geu re!"

"Haha. All right!"

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