The split-up

"듣자 하니까 Lucy하고 Jack이 공식적으로 헤어졌대."

"Apparently Lucy and Jack have officially split up."
"진짜!? 나는 Jack이 프로포즈한 줄 알았는데."

"What!? I thought Jack proposed to her."
"응, 그런데 Jack 부모님이 반대하셨대."

"Yes, but Jack's parents are against it."

"How come?"
"Lucy가 마음에 안 드시나 봐."

"I guess they don't like her."
"안 됐다! 걔네 한 달 전부터 같이 살지 않았어?"

"Pity! Didn't they move in together just 1 month ago?"
"응 그리고 집도 6개월 살기로 계약한 거였대."

"Yes and they've signed a lease for 6 months."
"와, 그럼 걔네 5개월 더 같이 살아야겠네!"

"Oh, well I guess they have to live together for another 5 months then!"
"어, 정말 어색하겠다!"

"Yes, that's going to be an awkward time!"

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