The split-up

"듣자 하니까 Lucy하고 Jack이 공식적으로 헤어졌대."

"deut ja ha ni ka Lucy ha go Jack i gong sik juk eu ro he uh jut de."

"Apparently Lucy and Jack have officially split up."
"진짜!? 나는 Jack이 프로포즈한 줄 알았는데."

"jin cha !? na neun Jack i peu ro po jeu han jool al at neun de."

"What!? I thought Jack proposed to her."
"응, 그런데 Jack 부모님이 반대하셨대."

"eung, geu run de Jack boo mo nim i ban de ha shut de."

"Yes, but Jack's parents are against it."


"How come?"
"Lucy가 마음에 안 드시나 봐."

"Lucy ga ma eum e an deu shi na bwa."

"I guess they don't like her."
"안 됐다! 걔네 한 달 전부터 같이 살지 않았어?"

"an dwet da! ge ne han dal jun boo tuh ga chi sal ji an at uh?"

"Pity! Didn't they move in together just 1 month ago?"
"응 그리고 집도 6개월 살기로 계약한 거였대."

"eung geu ri go jip do yook ge wul sal gi ro ge yak han guh yut de."

"Yes and they've signed a lease for 6 months."
"와, 그럼 걔네 5개월 더 같이 살아야겠네!"

"wa, geu rum ge ne oh ge wul duh ga chi sa ra ya get ne!"

"Oh, well I guess they have to live together for another 5 months then!"
"어, 정말 어색하겠다!"

"uh, jung mal uh sek ha get da!"

"Yes, that's going to be an awkward time!"

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