The melodramatic friend

"안녕 Viola, 잘 지냈어?"

"Hi Viola, how are you?"
"안녕 Helen! 나 너무 피곤해!"

"Hi Helen! I'm so tired!"
"정말? 왜?"

"Really? What happened?"
"밤새 회사 친구랑 통화하느라고! 친구가 남자친구랑 헤어졌거든."

"I was talking to my colleague all night long! She broke up with her boyfriend."
"오, 안됐다!"

"Oh, poor girl!"
"응, 친구가 감정이 너무 격해져서 자살하고 싶다고까지 하더라고!"

"Yes, she was very emotional. She even said she wants to commit suicide!"

"Oh, my God!"
"그리고 걔가 친구도 많이 없고 취미도 없어!"

"She also doesn't have many friends or hobbies!"
"금요일에 우리 파티에 초대할까?"

"Maybe invite her to our party on Friday."
"그래! 그 때 보자!"

"Sure thing! See you then!"


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