3 more kilograms

"너 왜 이렇게 살이 많이 빠졌어?"

"nuh we i ru ke sal i man i pa jut suh?"

"How come you've lost so much weight?"
"남편때문에 너무 스트레스 받아서."

"nam pyun te moon e nuh moo seu teu re seu ba da suh."

"Because I'm so stressed out because of my husband."


"Why is that?"
"하루 종일 술 마시고 담배 피우고. 또 다른 여자도 만나."

"ha roo jong il sool ma shi go dam be pi woo go. to da reun yuh ja do man na."

"He drinks and smokes the whole day. Also he is seeing other women."
"그런데 왜 아직도 같이 있는 거야?"

"geu run de we a jik do ga chi it neun guh ya?"

"Why are you still with him then?"
"3킬로 더 빼고 싶어서!"

"3 kil lo duh pe go ship uh suh!"

"I want to lose 3 more kilos!"

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