The tattoo

"안녕 여보!"

"Hello darling!"
"안녕 여보! 회사 잘 다녀왔어?"

"Hello sweetheart! How was everything at work?"
"응. 우리 부서에 새로운 직원이 들어왔어."

"Ah good. We have a new employee in my department."
"그래? 괜찮아?"

"Yes? Is she nice?"
"응, 괜찮아. 그런데 영어 문신이 있어."

"Yes, she is. She has a tattoo in English."

"In English?"
"응, 팔에 '후회 없다'라고 쓰여 있어."

"Yes, on her arm it says 'No Regrets'."

"Oh dear."
"웃긴 거는 스펠링이 잘못 됐어. 알파벳 두개가 바뀌었어!"

"Funny part is that it's misspelled. Two letters are switched!"
"하하! 아이러니하네!"

"Haha! How ironic!"
"그러니까. 우리 사무실에서 엄청 웃었다니까!"

"Yes. We nearly died laughing in the office!"
"좀 불쌍하다!"

"The poor woman!"
"아, 아니야. 그 직원도 우리하고 같이 웃었어!"

"Oh, she didn't mind. She laughed with us!"

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