Time flies!

"왜 거울을 뚫어지게 쳐다보고 있어?"

"Why are you staring in the mirror?"
"나 이제 주름살이 얼마나 많은지 모르겠어."

"Can't believe how many wrinkles I have now."
"당신 이제 40살 넘었잖아. 뭘 바래?"

"You are over 40. What do you expect?"
"시간이 너무 빨리 지나간다!"

"Time passes so quickly!"
"그러게. 끔찍해!"

"Yes. It's horrible!"
"요즘 회사 사람들이 나를 늙은이처럼 대한다니까!"

"Recently the people at work have been treating me like an old man!"
"슬퍼하지마, 여보!"

"Don't be sad, darling!"

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