Vera: 크리스마스에 어디 가?

Vera: Are you going anywhere for Christmas?
Oliver: 아직 잘 모르겠어. 얼마 전에 테네리페섬에 다녀왔어.

Oliver: I'm not sure yet, just been to Tenerife.
Vera: 나도 거기 가 봤어. 경치가 정말 이색적이더라.

Vera: I've been there too. The landscape is very unusual.
Oliver: "Loro Parque"에 갔었어?

Oliver: Did you go to the "Loro Parque"?
Vera: 응, 정말 좋았어. 잠수함 사파리도 타봤어?

Vera: Yes, it was great. Have you been on the submarine safari?
Oliver: 아내가 타고 싶어했는데 시간이 없었어.

Oliver: My wife wanted to do it, but we didn't have the time.
Vera: 그렇구나. 그럼 다음에 하면 되지!

Vera: I see. Well maybe next time!
Oliver: 응, 다음에!

Oliver: Yes, next time!
Vera: 솔직히 나는 마데이라가 더 좋더라. 거기 경치가 정말 푸르고 멋있어.

Vera: To be honest I prefer Madeira. It has a very lush landscape.
Oliver: 우리도 다음 휴가 때 가볼까봐.

Oliver: Maybe we'll go on our next holiday.

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