What's that in my pizza?

Robert가 직장에서 돌아온다.

Robert comes back from work.
Emelie: 안녕 여보. 잘 다녀왔어?

Emelie: Hi darling. How are you?
Robert: 어, 아니. 나 피자 먹을 때 이빨에 봉한 게 빠졌어.

Robert: Oh, not good. A filling fell out while I was eating a pizza.
Emelie: 어 진짜?

Emelie: Oh really?
Robert: 처음에는 내 피자에 이상한 게 있는 줄 알고 직원한테 불평을 했다.

Robert: First I thought there was something strange in my pizza, so I complained to the waitress.
Emelie: 웬일이니!

Emelie: Oh my!
Robert: 문제가 뭔지 알았을 때 진짜 바보가 된 느낌이었어.

Robert: I really felt like an idiot when I realised where the problem was.
Emelie: 상상이 된다!

Emelie: I can imagine that!
Robert: 치과에 당장 예약해야겠어.

Robert: I'll have to make an appointment with the dentist immediately.
Emelie: 내 치과에 가지 그래? 거기가 훨씬 더 가까워!

Emelie: Why don't you go to my dentist? He is much closer!
Robert: 난 항상 김선생님한테만 갔었는데!

Robert: I've always been with Doctor Kim!
Emelie: 웃긴게 사람들은 항상 자기가 가던 치과에만 간다, 이사를 가도!

Emelie: Funny everybody always keeps their old dentist, no matter where you move!

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