The ankle injury

Mary: 잘 지냈어, Peter? 왜 절뚝거려?

Mary: How are you, Peter? Why are you limping?
Peter: 안녕 Mary! 나 배드민턴 치다가 발목을 다쳤어.

Peter: Hi Mary! I injured my ankle while I was playing badminton.
Mary: 웬일이야! 진짜 아팠겠다!

Mary: Oh dear! That must have hurt!
Peter: 응, 그리고 진짜 많이 부었어.

Peter: Yes, and it swelled up badly.
Mary: 나는 트램펄린에서 발목 부러질 뻔했는데.

Mary: I nearly broke my ankle on a trampoline.
Peter: 맞아. 트램펄린 하면 그런 일이 자주 생기지. 나도 트램펄린에서 한번 발목 삔 적 있어.

Peter: Yes, that happens often with trampolines. I also sprained my ankle on a trampoline once. Did you need surgery?
Mary: 나 이제 높은 구두는 못 신어. 발목이 제대로 낫질 않은 거 같아. 그런데 내 잘못이야. 트램펄린하기에 내가 너무 무거워!

Mary: I can't wear high heels anymore. It seems it never healed up properly. But it was my fault. I'm too heavy for trampolining!
Peter: 그렇구나. 요즘에는 운동하니?

Peter: I see. Do you do sports these days?
Mary: 아니 별로.

Mary: Not really.
Peter: 우리랑 같이 배드민턴 칠래? 매주 월요일에 치는데.

Peter: Would you like to play badminton with us? We play every Monday.
Mary: 그럼 좋지!

Mary: I would love to!
Peter: 좋아! 'Finsbury Leisure Centre'에서 3시부터 5시까지 치거든.

Peter: OK great! We play from 3 to 5pm at the "Finsbury Leisure Centre".
Mary: 알았어! 너한테 라켓 좀 빌릴 수 있을까?

Mary: OK got it! Could I borrow a racket from you?
Peter: 물론이지! 우리 라켓 많아. 그 때 봐!

Peter: Sure! We have plenty. See you then!
Mary: 그 때 봐!

Mary: See you!

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