The match

Bob: 어제 밤에 경기 봤어?

Bob: Did you see the match last night?
Eddie: 응 대박이었어. 그런데 심판이 다 망쳤어.

Eddie: Yeah, great game. The referee ruined it, though.
Bob: 무슨 말이야? 독일이 이길 만했잖아.

Bob: What do you mean? Germany deserved to win.
Eddie: 그런가, 그런데 심판이 그 페널티는 주지 말았어야 했어.

Eddie: Maybe, but he shouldn't have given that penalty.
Bob: 선택이 없었잖아. 분명한 반칙이었는데.

Bob: He didn't have a choice. It was an obvious foul.
Eddie: 야! 니가 축구에 대해 뭘 알아.

Eddie: Hey! What do you know about football anyway.
Bob: 너보단 훨씬 많이 알거든.

Bob: A lot more than you, that's for sure.

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