A life in Portugal

Andrew가 일을 끝내고 집에 온다.

Andrew comes home from work.
Andrew: 안녕!

Andrew: Hello!
Jackie: 안녕 여보. 잘 다녀왔어?

Jackie: Hello darling. How are you?
Andrew: 응 너무 피곤해.

Andrew: Exhausted.
Jackie: 당신 Emmy 기억나?

Jackie: Do you still remember Emmy?
Andrew: Emmy? 아, 어. 걔랑 얘기 안 한 지 꽤 됐는데.

Andrew: Emmy? Oh, yes. I haven't talked to her for ages.
Jackie: 그래, 나 인터넷에서 걔 찾았어.

Jackie: Well, I found her through the Internet.
Andrew: 어떻게 지내?

Andrew: How is she?
Jackie: 지금은 포르투갈에 산대.

Jackie: She lives now in Portugal.
Andrew: 포르투갈? 멋있네.

Andrew: Portugal? Nice.
Jackie: 응. 거기서 되게 독립적으로 사나 봐. 수도하고 전기도 직접 조달한대.

Jackie: Yes. She lives very independently there. Own water and power supply.
Andrew: 나도 그렇게 살고 싶다!

Andrew: I'd love to live like that!
Jackie: 그런데, 위험하지. 걔도 한번은 불이 나서 죽을 뻔 했대.

Jackie: Well, it has its risks. She said that she almost got killed in a fire.
Andrew: 진짜? 무슨 일이 일어났대?

Andrew: Really? What happened?
Jackie: 석유 램프 쓰다가 사고 났다잖아!

Jackie: Apparently an accident with a kerosene lamp!
Andrew: 웬일이니!

Andrew: Goodness me!
Jackie: 그러니까, 나도 깜짝 놀랐어.

Jackie: Yes, I was shocked too.
Andrew: Emmy 보러 포르투갈에 한번 가 보자.

Andrew: We should visit her in Portugal.
Jackie: 좋은 생각이야!

Jackie: Good idea!

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