The best friend

Peter가 페이스북을 통해서 옛날 학교 친구 Roman에게 연락을 한다. 그들이 온라인에서 채팅을 한다.

Peter contacts his old school friend Roman through Facebook. They chat online.
Peter: 안녕 Roman. 다시 연락하니까 좋다. 와 얼마만이지? 10년?

Peter: Hi Roman. Good to talk to you again. Wow, how long has it been? 10 years?
Roman: Peter!! 응, 학교 동창회에서 만난 뒤로 10년이나 11년쯤 된 거 같아.

Roman: Peter!! Yes, it's been 10 or 11 years since we met at the school reunion.
Peter: 어떻게 지내? 아직 축구팀에서 코치로 일해?

Peter: So how are things? Still working as a coach at the football club?
Roman: 아니

Roman: No.
Peter: 너 축구하는 거 되게 좋아했잖아, 아니야? 우리 Rainer랑 항상 축구했었잖아. 그런데Rainer는 어떻게 지내?

Peter: But you loved to play football, no? We used to play with Rainer all the time. How is Rainer by the way?
Roman: Rainer? 아, 걔한테 무슨 일 있었는지 몰라? 2004년 쓰나미 때 죽었어.

Roman: Rainer? Oh, don't you know what happened to him? He died in the tsunami in 2004.
Peter: 웬일이니. 몰랐어.

Peter: Oh, my god. I didn't know that.
Roman: Khao Lak에 아내랑 같이 갔다가 못 돌아왔어. 나랑 정말 친했었는데.

Roman: He went to "Khao Lak" with his wife and never came back. He was my best friend.
Peter: 정말 안 됐다. 진짜 착한 애였는데!

Peter: So sorry to hear that. He was a nice guy!

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