Stray dogs

Jack: 안녕 Melanie, Hugh! 태국 갔다왔어?

Jack: Hi Melanie and Hugh! Back from Thailand?
Melanie: 태국? 아니, 이번에는 대만에 갔다왔어.

Melanie: Thailand? Oh no, we've been to Taiwan this time.
Jack: 그래. 어땠어?

Jack: I see. How was it?
Hugh: 좋았어. 절 몇 군데랑 야시장에 갔다왔어.

Hugh: It was nice. We went to a couple of temples and night markets.
Jack: 좋았겠다.

Jack: Sounds nice.
Melanie: 응, 그런데 대만에서 안 좋았던 거는 복잡한 교통이랑 주인 없는 개들이었어.

Melanie: Yes, but what I didn't like about Taiwan was the insane traffic and the stray dogs on the street.
Jack: 진짜? 나도 스페인에서 주인 없는 개 한번 본 적 있는데. 걔가 날 한참동안 따라오더라고.

Jack: Really? I saw a stray dog in Spain once. He was following me around for a while.
Melanie: 걔네들이 몇몇 국가에서는 심각한 문제인 거 같아!

Melanie: They seem to be a real problem in some countries!
Hugh: 동유럽의 한 도시의 시장이 주인 없는 개를 동물원 사자한테 먹였다고 읽은 적이 있어.

Hugh: I read once that a mayor of some Eastern European town fed the stray dogs to the lions in the zoo!
Jack: 웬일이야! 그건 진짜 잔혹하다!

Jack: Oh my god! That's really brutal!

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