The sex change

Jack과 Becky, 두 친구가 기차에 앉아있다. Jack이 스마트폰으로 뉴스를 읽고 있다.

Two friends, Jack and Becky, are sitting in a train. Jack is reading news with his smartphone.
Jack: 하하, 이거 웃기다.

Jack: Haha, this is funny.
Becky: 뭔데?

Becky: What?
Jack: 이 기사..예전에 남자였던 여잔데 이제 다시 남자가 되고 싶대.

Jack: This article.. it says there is a woman, who used to be a man, wants to become a man again.
Becky: 진짜? 그런 건 처음 들어봤어.

Becky: Really? Never heard of that before.
Jack: 나도.

Jack: Me neither.
Becky: 왜 다시 남자가 되고 싶대?

Becky: Why does she want to become a man again?
Jack: 음, 여자가 되고 나서 기분 변화가 심하고 감성적인 게 싫대.

Jack: Well, she doesn't like that she's become very moody and emotional since becoming a woman.
Becky: 오, 호르몬 때문에 그런가 봐!

Becky: Oh, must be the hormones!

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