English Sentence:

Please say yes.

Korean Translation:

그렇다고 좀 말해주세요.

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Words used:


geu ruh ta

1. so, like that 2. to be, to do like that

Here: so, like that

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1. and 2. (particle after verb to be placed in front of verbs meaning 'hope', 'wish') 3. (particle after phrase or clause) 4. (particle after verb or adjective to add meaning of progression) 5. high 6. ancient

Here: (particle after phrase or clause)

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1. please (requesting sth) 2. a little 3. somewhat, somehow

Here: please

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mal ha da

to speak, to say, to tell

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joo da

1. to give, to offer 2. to do sth for someone

Here: to give, to offer

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si o

(particle after verb to make polite request)

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