English Sentence:

Wait a minute please.

Korean Translation:

잠깐만 기다려 주세요.

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Words used:


jam kan

a moment, a minute

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1. ten thousand, 10000 2. only 3. enough to, good enough to 4. bay 5. full (quantity) 6. after, since, in (time)

Here: (particle after word to add meaning of 'only')

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gi da ri da

to wait

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joo da

1. to give, to offer 2. to do sth for someone

Here: to give, to offer

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1. hour, time, o'clock 2. (particle in verb to add politeness) 3. city, town 4. (particle in noun to add meaning of 'in-law') 5. poem 6. to see (hanja)

Here: (particle in verb to make polite request)

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1. (statement ending in polite tone) 2. (question ending in polite tone) 3. (suggestion ending in polite tone, "let's")

Here: (particle after verb to finish sentence in semi-polite tone)

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