English Sentence:

A lot of people in the United States are in debt.

Korean Translation:

많은 미국인들이 빚을 지고 있습니다.

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Words used:


man ta

many, a lot

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1. (subject particle) 2. (particle to add emphasis) 3. (particle after a verb to modify a noun, past tense) 4. (particle after an adjective to modify a noun, present tense) 5. (verb ending for present tense) 6. silver

Here: (particle to make adjective)

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mi gook

The United States of America

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1. person, people 2. humanity, philanthropy 3. phosphorus (chemistry)

Here: person, people

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(particle after noun to make plural)

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1. (subject particle) 2. this 3. (particle after verb or adjective to make adverb) 4. tooth, teeth 5. two, 2 (hanja) 6. lice 7. person (particle after younger/same age person's name) 8. with 9. ear 10. different

Here: (subject particle)

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debt, loan

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1. (object particle) 2. (particle in verb to add meaning of 'perhaps') 3. (particle after a verb or an adjective to modify a noun, future tense)

Here: (particle after object word)

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ji da

1. to become, to get (comes with adjective) 2. (comes with verb to add passive meaning) 3. to fall, to lose 4. to carry, to owe

Here: to carry, to owe

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1. and 2. (particle after verb to be placed in front of verbs meaning 'hope', 'wish') 3. (particle after phrase or clause) 4. (particle after verb or adjective to add meaning of progression) 5. high 6. ancient

Here: (particle after verb or adjective to add meaning of progression)

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it da

to exist

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ni da

(statement ending in formal tone)

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