English Sentence:

Recently the value of the US Dollar has been falling.

Korean Translation:

최근 들어 미국 달러의 가치가 떨어지고 있습니다.

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Words used:


chwe geun

latest, most recent

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deul da

1. to lift, to carry, to raise 2. to eat, to drink 3. to age 4. to cost 5. to enter, to go in, to fall 6. to like 7. to get (disease, sickness) 8. to get (feelings) 9. to get insurance

Here: to enter, to go in, to fall

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mi gook

The United States of America

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dal luh


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1. (particle after noun to make possessive, 'of') 2. clinic, hospital (hanja) 3. clothing (hanja)

Here: (particle after noun to make possessive, 'of')

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ga chi

value, worth

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1. (subject particle) 2. edge, rim 3. person, man 4. family 5. (particle after word to add emphasis) 6. if it is (something) or not 7. (particle after verb to add meaning of 'while or when') 8. district 9. price 10. fake 11. street

Here: (subject particle)

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tul uh ji da

1. to fall, to drip 2. to separate 3. distant, far away 4. to run out of

Here: to fall, to drip

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고 있다

go it da

(ending form to make sentence present progressive)

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ni da

(statement ending in formal tone)

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