English Sentence:

Can you tell me where I'm on the map?

Korean Translation:

지도상에서 제가 어디에 있는지 가르쳐 주시겠어요?

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Words used:


ji do

a map

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1. award 2. surface, face 3. (particle after word to add meaning of 'because of') 4. table 5. shape 6. above 7. to be injured 8. business (hanja)

Here: above

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e suh

at, from (particle after place or time)

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1. I, me (polite) 2. that 3. low

Here: I, me (polite)

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1. (subject particle) 2. edge, rim 3. person, man 4. family 5. (particle after word to add emphasis) 6. if it is (something) or not 7. (particle after verb to add meaning of 'while or when') 8. district 9. price 10. fake 11. street

Here: (subject particle)

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uh di

1. where 2. somewhere

Here: where

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1. at, to, by, on, in (particle after place, time or object) 2. because of (particle after noun or gerund to add reason) 3. for (particle after noun or gerund to add 'purpose')

Here: at, to, by, on, in (particle after place, time or object)

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it da

1. to be 2. to have 3. to stay 4. to (directing someone when emphasizing)

Here: to be

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1. (particle for a negator, not) 2. (particle to finish sentence, casual tone) 3. right? (confirming) 4. paper 5. land, area 6. since, from the time that 7. (particle to connect a question phrase) 8. intelligence 9. maybe because

Here: (particle to connect a question phrase)

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ga reu chi da

to teach, to train

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joo shi get uh yo

Will you please?

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