English Sentence:

We have to go back.

Korean Translation:

저희는 돌아가야 해요.

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Words used:


juh hi

we, our, us (polite)

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1. (subject particle) 2. (particle to add emphasis) 3. (particle after a verb to modify a noun, present tense) 4. (verb ending for present tense)

Here: (subject particle)

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dol a ga da

1. to return, to go back 2. to pass away, to die

Here: to return, to go back

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야 하다

ya ha da

have to, must

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1. (statement ending in polite tone) 2. (question ending in polite tone) 3. (suggestion ending in polite tone, "let's")

Here: (statement ending in polite tone)

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