English Sentence:

Alcohol causes thousands of deaths every year.

Korean Translation:

매년 수천명이 음주로 인해 사망하고 있습니다.

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Words used:


me nyun

every year

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1. (particle after verb to add meaning of possibility) 2. number, numerous 3. water (hanja) 4. male 5. head (hanja)

Here: number, numerous

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1. thousand, 1000 2. sheet, cloth

Here: thousand, 1000

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1. (measure word for people) 2. life 3. name

Here: (measure word for people)

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1. (subject particle) 2. this 3. (particle after verb or adjective to make adverb) 4. tooth, teeth 5. two, 2 (hanja) 6. lice 7. person (particle after younger/same age person's name) 8. with 9. ear 10. different

Here: (subject particle)

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eum joo

drinking alcohol

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로 인해

ro in he

due to, as a result of

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sa mang ha da

to die

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고 있다

go it da

(ending form to make sentence present progressive)

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ni da

(statement ending in formal tone)

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