English Sentence:

Stop acting like a child!

Korean Translation:

어린애처럼 굴지 마!

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Words used:


uh ri da

young, juvenile, childish

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1. child, kid, baby 2. love

Here: child, kid, baby

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chuh rum

like, as, as if

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gool da

to behave, to act

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1. (particle before negative word or question) 2. (particle to finish sentence, casual tone) 3. right? (confirming) 4. paper 5. land, area 6. since, from the time that 7. (particle to connect a question phrase) 8. intelligence

Here: (particle before negative word or question)

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mal da

1. not, not to do (or other verb) 2. to stop, to quit 3. to end up (doing) despite the person's intention or wish

Here: to stop, to quit

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