English Sentence:

Did you have a nice holiday?

Korean Translation:

휴가는 즐겁게 보내셨습니까?

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Words used:


hyoo ga

vacation, day off

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1. (subject particle) 2. (particle to add emphasis) 3. (particle after a verb to modify a noun, present tense) 4. (verb ending for present tense)

Here: (particle after subject or object word)

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jeul gup da

happy, merry, pleasant

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1. (particle to make adverb 'ly') 2. crab 3. (것+이= 게) 4. will 5. (casual ending form to make a question meaning 'guess what')

Here: (particle after adjective to make adverb)

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bo ne da

1. to send, to dispatch, to mail, to remit 2. to spend (time)

Here: to spend (time)

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1. hour, time, o'clock 2. (particle in verb to add politeness) 3. city, town 4. (particle in noun to add meaning of 'in-law') 5. poem 6. to see (hanja)

Here: (particle in verb to add politeness)

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(particle in verb to add politeness, formal)

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1. (question ending in formal tone) 2. (particle to add meaning of "should I?" "should we?") 3. (particle to add meaning of "will someone...?" "will it...?")

Here: (particle after verb to make polite question)

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