English Sentence:

We are not sure whether we should buy that house.

Korean Translation:

저 집을 사야 할 지 잘 모르겠어요.

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Words used:


1. I, me (polite) 2. that 3. low

Here: that

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house, home

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1. (object particle) 2. (particle in verb to add meaning of 'perhaps') 3. (particle after a verb or an adjective to modify a noun, future tense)

Here: (particle after object word)

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sa da

to buy, to purchase

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야 하다

ya ha da

have to, must

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1. (particle before negative word or question) 2. (particle to finish sentence, casual tone) 3. right? (confirming) 4. paper 5. land, area 6. since, from the time that 7. (particle to connect a question phrase) 8. intelligence

Here: whether

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very well

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mo reu da

not to know, not to understand

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1. (statement ending in polite tone) 2. (question ending in polite tone) 3. (suggestion ending in polite tone, "let's")

Here: (particle after verb to finish sentence in semi-polite tone)

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