The split-up


"Apparently Kotomi and Naoto have officially split-up."
「ええっ!? 尚登はプロポーズしたんだと思ってたわ。」

"What!? I thought Naoto proposed to her."

"Yes, but Naoto's parents are against it."

"How come?"

"I guess they don't like her."
「残念ね! ほんのひと月前に同棲し始めたんじゃなかった?」

"Pity! Didn't they move in together just 1 month ago?"

"Yes and they've signed a lease for 6 months, I heard."

"Oh, well I guess they have to live together for another 5 months then!"

"Yes, that's going to be an awkward time!"

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