The birthday party


(Kenta's parents are having breakfast. Kenta enters the kitchen.)
健太の母: おはよう、健太! もうお昼近くよ。いつパーティーから帰ってきたの?

Kenta's mother: Good morning, Kenta! It's almost midday! When did you get back from the party?
健太: はっきり覚えてないな。夜中の2時頃だったと思う。すごくおもしろいパーティーだったよ。

Kenta: Not sure. I think about 2 a.m. It was a great party.
健太の父: わしらが若い頃は、夜の12時までには帰らなきゃいけなかったぞ。

Kenta's father: When I was young I had to be home before midnight.
健太: そうだよね。でも、もう時代が違うんだよ。

Kenta: Sure. But things are different now.
健太の父: ああ、分かってるさ。それで、楽しかったかい?

Kenta's father: Yes I know. Did you have a good time then?
健太: そりゃもう! 祐二の22歳の誕生日だったんだ。友達何人かが、祐二をそこにあったプールに投げ込んだんだよ。

Kenta: Yes! It was Yuji's 22nd birthday. Some of his friends threw him into the pool there.
健太の母: アハハ、おもしろいわね。お母さんたちがあなたくらいの年だった時も、そういうことしたもんだわ!

Kenta's mother: Haha, funny. We did that too when we were your age!
健太: 祐二にはおもしろくなかったみたいだよ。ズボンのポケットに携帯が入ってたから。

Kenta: Yuji didn't think it was funny. He had his mobile phone in his trouser pocket.
健太の母: あら、じゃあ携帯、壊れちゃったの?

Kenta's mother: Oh, was the phone broken?
健太: うん、あいつすごく怒ってたよ!

Kenta: Yes. He was really furious!

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