Wisdom Teeth


(Kazuhiro comes back from the dentist. He had two of his wisdom teeth removed.)
絵里香: お帰りなさい。具合はどう?

Erika: Hi darling. How are you?
和弘: 今はちょっとましだよ。

Kazuhiro: I've been better.
絵里香: え、抜歯、痛かった?

Erika: Oh, was it bad?
和弘: かなり気分が悪くなったよ。でも、ほんの30秒くらいの間だったけど。

Kazuhiro: I felt quite sick. But only for half a minute.
絵里香: うわ~、かわいそうに。

Erika: Oh, poor you.
和弘: うん、あまりいい経験ではなかったよ。

Kazuhiro: Yeah, it wasn't a particularly nice experience.
絵里香: 少し休んだほうがいいわよ。

Erika: Better have a rest now.
和弘: うん、しばらく横になるよ。あとで数時間ごとに塩水でうがいしなくちゃいけないんだ。

Kazuhiro: Yes, I'm going to lie down for a while. Later I have to gargle with salty water every few hours.
絵里香: 分かったわ。痛み止め、買いに行っておくわね。いるかもしれないから。

Erika: OK. I'll buy some painkiller. Just in case you need it.
和弘: うん、ありがとう!

Kazuhiro: OK thanks!

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