Grammar Lesson 97:

The present indicative of the verbs of the 1st conjugation

The present indicative is used to describe habitual actions, basic truths or an action / state of being which occurs right when we are talking or writing about it.
The verbs ending in -are (1st conjugation) in the present tense add the following endings to the verb stem: -o, -i, -a, -iamo, -ate, -ano.
—> Mandare / to send —> mand-are.
Present indicative:
- Io mando. (I send)
- Tu mandi. (You send)
- Egli / Ella / Esso / Essa manda. (He / she / it sends.)
- Noi mandiamo. (We send.)
- Voi mandate. (You send)
- Essi / esse mandano. (They send.)

- Martino manda sempre dei fiori a Giulia. (Martino always sends flowers to Giulia.)
- I nostri mariti ci mandano sempre loro notizie quando sono via per lavoro. (Our husbands always send us their news when they’re away on business.)

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