Are you on Facebook?

Pete: Schatz, weisst du ob Jack auf Facebook ist?

Pete: Darling, do you know if Jack is on Facebook?
Linda: Jack? Nein, er mag Facebook nicht.

Linda: Jack? No, he doesn't like Facebook.
Pete: Echt?

Pete: Really?
Linda: Er scheint Angst zu haben was die mit seinen Daten machen.

Linda: He seems to be afraid of what they do with his data.
Pete: Das kann ich verstehen. Aber ich mache mir da nicht zu viele Gedanken.

Pete: I can understand that. But I don't worry too much.
Linda: Genau, Facebook macht einfach zu viel Spass!

Linda: Exactly, Facebook is just too much fun!
Pete: Besonders zu sehen wie dick dein Ex-Freund geworden ist?

Pete: Especially seeing how fat your ex-boyfriend has become?
Linda: Haha, genau! Und um zu sehen wie viele Haare er verloren hat!

Linda: Haha, exactly! And to see how much hair he has lost!

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