English Sentence:

He overstepped the bounds of good taste.

German Translation:

Er hat die Grenzen des guten Geschmacks überschritten.

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Words used:

er hat

he has

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1. the (nominative feminine singular) 2. the (accusative feminine singular) 3. the (plural form of definite article) 4. who 5. which 6. these

Here: the (plural form of definite article)

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die Grenze   (Pl: Grenzen)

border, frontier, boundary

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1. of the (genitive masculine singular) 2. of the (genitive neuter singular)

Here: of the (genitive masculine singular)

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1. good, well, fine 2. more than (time)

Here: good, well, fine

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der Geschmack   (Pl: Geschmäcke)

flavor, taste

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1. to cross, to overstep 2. to exceed

Here: to exceed, to cross, to overstep

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