English Sentence:

My neighbour is painting the fence.

German Translation:

Mein Nachbar streicht gerade den Zaun.

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Words used:


1. my 2. mine

Here: my

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der Nachbar   (Pl: Nachbarn, Fem: Nachbarin, Pl Fem: Nachbarinnen)


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1. to cancel sth 2. to paint 3. to stroke (e.g. beard)

Here: to paint

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1. at the moment, just now 2. straight, upright, even 3. even (number) 4. precisely, especially

Here: at the moment, just now

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1. the (accusative masculine singular) 2. the (dative plural) 3. that 4. whom, who 5. which

Here: the

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der Zaun   (Pl: Zäune)

a fence (enclosure)

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