English Sentence:

I will get to the bottom of this.

German Translation:

Ich werde dieser Sache auf den Grund gehen.

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Words used:

ich werde

I will

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1. that, this 2. he

Here: that

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die Sache

1. thing, object, matter 2. business, affair

Here: thing, object, matter, business, affair, stuff

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1. at, in, to, on 2. open (adj)

Here: at, in, on

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1. the, that one 2. whom, who

Here: the, that one

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der Grund

1. reason, cause 2. bottom, base, ground 3. land, property

Here: bottom, base, ground

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1. to go 2. to work, to function 3. to feel (emotional or physical wellbeing)

Here: to go

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