The police officer

Fiona en Jack praten met elkaar over hun werk.

Fiona and Jack talk about their jobs.
Fiona: "Wat is jouw beroep?"

Fiona: What is your occupation?
Jack: "Ik ben politieagent."

Jack: I'm a police officer.
Fiona: "Echt? Dat is spannend!"

Fiona: Really? That must be exciting!
Jack: "Nou, niet altijd. We moeten veel administratie doen."

Jack: Well, not always. There is a lot of paperwork to do.
Fiona: "Hoe lang ben je al politieagent?"

Fiona: How long have you been a police officer?
Jack: "Meer dan 20 jaar."

Jack: More than 20 years.
Fiona: "Dat is lang. Ben je door je werk veranderd?"

Fiona: That's a long time. Has your job changed you personally?
Jack: "Ja. Ik drink nu met mate alcohol, omdat ik gezien heb hoeveel levens er door zijn vernietigd."

Jack: Yes. I only drink alcohol in moderation now, because I've seen how many people's lives have been destroyed because of it.
Fiona: "Zo erg?"

Fiona: So bad?
Jack: "Ja, jammer genoeg! Je zult waarschijnlijk de helft minder politie nodig hebben zonder alcohol."

Jack: Yes, unfortunately! You probably could cut the police force by half if it weren't for alcohol.
Fiona: "Dan moet ik maar de alcoholvrije Mojito halen!"

Fiona: I guess I'll get the non-alcoholic Mojito then!
Jack: "Goed besluit!"

Jack: Good decision!

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