English Sentence:

A hero who has no place to display his bravery. (no opportunity to display one's abilities)

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



ying1 xiong2 wu2 yong4 wu3 zhi1 di4.

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Words used:

英雄   英雄

yīng xióng


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1. not to have, to lack 2. none, not 3. un-, -less

Here: not to have, none, not, un-

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1. to use 2. (usually in the negative) to need, to have to 3. to eat or drink 4. expense, outlay 5. usefulness 6. to employ

Here: to use

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1. of the martial arts 2. military 3. brave and daring 4. Wu (Chinese surname)

Here: brave and daring

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1. (possessive particle) 2. this, that, these, those 3. (old use) (a filler word without any meaning) 4. (adjectival ending)

Here: (possessive particle)

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earth, ground, floor, place, land

Here: ground, floor, place, land

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